Hardcase for MacBook Air

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Hardcase for MacBook Air

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Was das KMP Protective Case Dir bietet:

Stoßabsorbierendes, leichtes sowie flexibles ABS-Material schützt vor äußeren Einwirkungen wie Kratzern und Stürzen. Eine einfache Anbringung durch einen Snap-On Verschluss. Mit edlem Design bleibt das Apple-Logo durch Transparenz des Cases sichtbar. Freier Zugang auf alle Anschlüsse und optimale Luftzirkulation.


  • Stoßabsorbierendes,leichtes Material
  • Optimaler Rundum Schutz
  • Freier Zugang auf alle Anschlüsse
  • Einfache Anbringung durch Snap-On Verschluss
  • Belüftungsschlitze auf der Unterseite

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Step 1

  •  Please put MacBook into the bottom shell smoothly.

Step 2

  • Push and press MacBook slowly with your hands, make MacBook adapt to bottom shell easily and press down by force appropriately.

Step 3

  • Put top shell on the body of MacBook lightly, adjust the position of top shell and make it adapt to the MacBook fully.

Step 4

  • Hold MacBook with both hands while locking the upper cover lightly till the installation is fulfilled.

The installation is finished. 


Step 1

  • Tip the opening of bottom shell with fingers and break it off outward gently to the bayonet till it is released.

Step 2

  • Tip the top end of top shell with your thumb and break off a corner upwards and outwards gently.

Step 3

  • Slide the removal card lightly along the direction of arrow and make the top shell break away from the MacBook easily until the removal is fulfilled.

The disassembling is finished. ✓

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