Protective Glass for iPad Pro 10,5"

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Protective Glass for iPad Pro 10,5"

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Scratched, dirty or broken display? Not with the KMP Protective Glass!

What KMP Protective Glass offers you:

Extremely shatterproof and scratchproof glass to protect your iPad display. Easy and bubble-free attachment due to the innovative MicroDot technology. No effect on the clarity of the display and optimal user experience thanks to minimal thickness. Dust-free attachment and residue-free removal.

Produkt details:

  • Innovative MicroDot technology enables easy, bubble-free attachment
  • Extremely break- and scratch-resistant glass
  • Free display with no restrictions
  • Ultra-thin, only 0.33 mm
  • Anti-scratch level 9H

Availlable in 2 variations, compatible with iPad 10.5"

The installation of the Protective Glass is very easy. Below you will be explained the different steps:

! Note: The steps should be carried out at a dust-free place to start with the assembly of the Protective Glass.

Don´t touch the screen with your fingers when you are putting on the film.

Step 1

    • Clean your display with the wipe.


Step 2

  • Remove the dust on the display of your iPhone with the blue foil.

    • For that remove the blue foil from the white backing paper.


Step 3

  • Remove the gray sticker from the white backing paper and clean your display again to make sure that no dust is on the display.


Step 4

  • Now take the protective glass and remove the white protection foil.
  • Put the protective glass on the display and find the fitting localization.
  • After the right localization press the protective glass on the display.


The installation is finished.

! With the help of the booth gray sticky tapes you can remove the protective glass. For that you stick the sticky tapes on the surface and on the bottom of the protective glass. Now you can remove the protective glass.

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